Cowboy Illustrations

If you’re into stetsons, horses, and 6 shooter adventures, y’all have come to the right place. Lasso yourself some cowboy illustrations and channel your inner lone ranger.

Cowboys were more than just swashbuckling gunslingers - they were frontiersmen and women, who had to battle the harshest environments of the untamed west in the 19th century. Discovery and exploration come with many challenges, so a cowboy symbolizes a lot more than just rodeos and an awesome outfit. Though those outfits really are AWESOME! You’ll practically hear the bling of the boot spurs, the distant cry of an eagle, a rattle snake and those seductive tunes of classical guitars and Alessandroni whistles...

Sheriff Cowboy Hat Illustrations
Sheriff Cowboy Hat Illustrations
Sheriff Cowboy Hat Illustrations
Sheriff Cowboy Hat Illustrations
Sheriff Cowboy Hat Illustrations

Go back to the wild west with some free cowboy illustrations

Design your own Western inspired arts and crafts with the help of our stylized free cowboy illustrations.

John Wayne didn’t become a legend just by wearing a lot of distressed leather. A true cowboy is all about the attitude, so embrace your inner badass and check out some of our more bold designs. We have some amazing logos, icons and monograms, which would be ideal as a decal, a badge or patch - or make a temporary tattoo, maybe even inspire a real one!

Kids are huge fans of cowboys - if they don’t want to be a fireman when they grow up, then they want to be a cowboy. You can pick out some sweet graphics that would work perfectly for party decorations or to DIY your own cowboy outfit - you can customize a bandana, make some horseshoes, a Sheriff’s badge and maybe even some fake mustaches to help complete the look! Speaking of fake mustaches, our cowboy bundles are ideal for making novelty photo props for your next themed party.

Rancher glad you got that cowboy illustrations file!

Traditional cowboy gear is mostly browns, ochres and other earthy tones, but the advantage of downloading a cowboy illustrations file is that you can get creative with your ideas and try out any number of fun and wacky color schemes. Simply tweak your chosen graphic in Photoshop or Cricut Design Space and make your cowboy graphics suit whatever bee you get in your bonnet!

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