Faith Over Fear SVGs

Fear is a universal emotion - everyone knows it and everyone feels it. But faith is a rarer quality and one much harder to obtain. You know what you’re afraid of, but you don’t always know what you have faith in, if you have it at all. Let a faith over fear SVG guide you through the tough times and maybe even help you discover what faith means to you.

Faith isn’t just in God. You can have faith in karma, or in people and the goodness they’re capable of, or just have faith in yourself - that you’ll find the strength to persevere through the challenges and do the right thing when you’re tested. And when you do, reward yourself with a cookie. Having faith doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself when you’ve been good!

Faith Over Fear SVG Design

A free faith over fear SVG to lift your spirits

Have a gander through our collection and check out which free faith over fear SVG really speaks to you. You can decorate your personal effects, DIY some accessories or make some lovely paper crafts with our graphics, vector files and illustrations.

It’s the little things that can reignite your faith in the good. When someone gives up their seat on the subway, when a friend calls you out of the blue, when your boo makes you your favorite snack for no reason. It’s an unexpected gesture of kindness that can remind you that there’s hope for us after all. Why not make a whole batch of faithful crafts and leave them as anonymous gifts for your friends or better yet, strangers. An act of kindness that doesn’t come from familial obligation is that much more special.

A gift, big or small, with the words ‘faith over fear’ can become like a talisman or good luck charm for someone. Something they can always keep with them to feel a touch of the divine, the comfort of feeling protected, watched over and loved.

Take courage from your faith over fear SVG file

Every faith over fear SVG file is super easy to use and is compatible with almost all the design software out there, including Silhouette Studio, Design Space, Inkscape and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so you have your pick of the litter in terms of how you want to edit your design. The SVGs are also suitable for any number of crafting techniques, including paper crafts, transfers, sublimation and many more.

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