Fretwork Patterns

For your next arts and craft project, look no further than our gorgeous fretwork patterns. Whether you want to craft by hand, use your crafting machine or play around with digital designs, our downloads are the perfect addition to your design toolkit to make some really inspiring pieces.

What is fretwork you might ask? Well, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, then you’re about to be blown away by one of our most beautiful pattern collections. Traditional fretwork is any type of intricate ornamental design, typically made of wood, but the beauty of having a digital pattern is that you can experiment with colors, textures and mediums to get the perfect look for your design idea.

No need to fret with our free fretwork patterns

Straight lines and simple geometric shapes have never looked so beautiful, so why not treat yourself to a whole bunch of free fretwork patterns and see what stunning pieces you can craft from the comfort of your own home.

These patterns can be cut out of card, wood or thin metal using your Cricut or Sizzix machine, and would make beautiful frames, pieces of wall art or even lovely greeting cards for your friends. You could paint the finished cut pattern with gold or silver paint to be more reminiscent of metalwork than wood, if you prefer that aesthetic.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and have some DIY or carpentry skills, then your chosen fretwork pattern could become a big part of your house or outdoor space. Swap out your crafting machine for a buzz saw (safely!) and use your pattern as a blueprint to make your own room separator, window pane, mirror frame or, with enough wood, you could construct your own pagoda or cabana! What better way to bring a touch of Morocco or Greece to your home decor - and it all starts with a simple download!

Your fretwork patterns file will make you a design guru

Taking inspiration from so many styles and cultures, you could use your fretwork patterns file in lots of different ways to completely redesign a room or your entire home. You can use your download as a stencil, to design your fabric, print the pattern on tiles or even make your own lampshades. With just a few clicks, you can become an interior connoisseur.

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