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Who doesn’t love gemstones? They add an element of glitz and glamour to any design idea. Design Bundles has thousands of Free and Premium Sublimation Designs, Paper Cutting Templates, Embroidery Designs and more available to browse and use on all manner of projects.

Whether you're a business owner looking for customizable signage and marketing templates to help you stand out from the crowd, or a crafter hoping to 'zhuzh' up your wardrobe with a sparkly design, we’ve got your back! So grab a cup of joe, browse our gemstone vectors (we offer various file types depending on your project requirements), load up your software, and fire up the cutting machine because it's time to make something go from drab to fab!

All that glitters is not gold but it could be Free Gemstone Vectors

Did you know that you can turn your free gemstone vector into stickers? And let's be honest, who wouldn't love gemstone stickers? Even if they don’t come with a set white border edge around them it’s really easy to add in using Cricut Design Spaces new offset tool. All you need to do is import the image you want to use into your canvas, select your layers and click the offset button in the top menu bar, this will bring up a slider where you can decide how thick or thin you want the offset to be as well as an option to have rounded or angular corners (we think angular for gems, what about you?). Click apply and the offset will appear as a new layer in the layers panel.

If you want to remove negative space from the image (for example if there is a part of the image that would be cut out with the offset like an inside edge then press the contour button and you can choose what to keep and what to cut). To turn the finished image into a print and cut image you need to select all layers and hit flatten, then simply send to make and follow the instructions.

Gemstone Vector Files are a girl's best friend

Our easy to download, multi-format (JPG, PDF, PNG) gemstone vector file offers you access to our unlimited customer support, and come with a lifetime download guarantee. They’re also dual licensed, which means they’re available for both personal and commercial use. So whether you prefer to use a Cricut, Silhouette or Glowforge we have you covered. So, come on, add some sparkle to your next idea.

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