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Design Bundles has thousands of Free and Premium Sublimation Designs, Paper Cutting Templates, Embroidery Designs and more available to browse and use on all manner of projects.

Whether you're a business owner looking for customizable signage and marketing templates to help you stand out from the crowd, or a crafter hoping to 'zhuzh' up your project with a quirky design, we have you covered! So put the kettle on, browse our Girl Illustrations (we offer various file types depending on your project requirements), load up your software, and fire up the cutting machine because it's time to make something wonderful that celebrates young women!

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School Girl Illustrations
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Make an impression with Free Girl Illustrations

Let's take a look at a new way to emboss our free Girl Illustrations onto cardstock - making them the perfect thing to add to cards, invites and certificates. Most of us know embossing from using a little stamp loaded with embossing ‘ink’, then sprinkling embossing powder over it and using a heat gun to melt it. We can do the exact same thing on the Cricut Maker but we don't need a stamp - Just an embossing pen and a pen adaptor!

Upload your image to design space and change the line type to ‘write’ instead of cut as we are using the pen to draw the design. Once you’ve done that hit ‘Make It’ and follow the instructions on the screen to load the pen. Once the machine has drawn your design, sprinkle on the embossing powder, and heat it with the heat gun to see it all puff up to show your fabulous image!

Who runs the world? Your Girl Illustrations File!

You can use your Girl Illustrations file for any number of fun crafting ideas. All the design specs are included in the product descriptions, so you can choose a file that works best for you and your preferred design editing software, and with a dual license you can use your illustration for both personal and commercial use.

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