Grid Patterns

You’re about to be amazed at how just a few simple repeated patterns can make for some of the most striking and gorgeous graphics, allowing you to make stunning and original works of art and design with our grid patterns collection. Afterall, it was the great Da Vinci himself that said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You might think that there’s not much you could do with grids that’s particularly artistic or interesting, but you’d be wrong! Our grid patterns aren’t just a collection of squares, but a wide variety of beautiful geometric patterns that take simple lines and shapes and turn them into exquisite designs.

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To infinity and beyond with your free grid patterns

These repeated patterns could literally go on forever - and so could the number of ideas and creative uses you could come up with. Get yourself a selection of free grid patterns and see what infinite ideas you could generate, just by following these simple linear patterns to their endless possibilities.

You could print out your pattern on large sheets of paper to make your own unique gift wrap. If you wanted to scale it up you could even use your favorite grid as a stencil to decorate your walls or as a sample to make your own fun wallpaper. With a crafting machine, you can also print these patterns on fabric and craft your own home accessories, such as cushions, coasters, place mats or table runners.

Your personal items could get a “griddy” make-over too. You can ‘wrap’ your pattern around a portable coffee cup, make clear stickers or decals to jazz up a dull phone case or add some lovely borders to lacklustre pictures or frames.

It’s hip to be square with your grid patterns file!

These pretty patterns will become even better in your eyes once you see how quick and easy they are to download and edit. You can tweak your grid patterns file in whatever editing software you’re most comfortable using - check out our online tutorials if you need some guidance and be sure to check out our amazing discounts as well!

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