Medieval Patterns

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-off land, there was a mystical place where all the fair princesses and knights would come for all their crafting needs. It was called Design Bundles and they had a fantastic selection of Medieval Patterns for all your historical crafting needs. If you need a new fabric design for your next medieval gown or maybe you're creating custom signage of ye olde market fayre in your town? We have all the patterns you need!

Our high quality images guarantee amazing results, help you save time and maximize output, so you can up your volumes, spend more time on other elements of your idea or simply try out lots of different looks and styles. Design Bundles has a huge selection of quality products at affordable prices. Create your designs on the go or at home. Our licenses are per user, not per device, so get browsing!

Province - Patterns Pack

Free Medieval Patterns to add some magic to your project

Why not add your free medieval pattern onto wood to create a unique keepsake or gift? To do this you will need to print the design from a new fangled thing called a laser printer and then cut the image to fit onto your wood (its easiest to do this by tracing around your wood shape onto the paper) You then need to cover the wood surface with a good layer of Mod Podge(magic potion), lay your photo image side down on to the Mod Podge and press all the air bubbles and wrinkles out.

Then you're going to want to put something heavy like a book on it to keep it laying smooth and flat and wait for 24 hours (yes we hate waiting too but it’s worth it, we promise). Once your Mod Podge and paper is completely dry you get a sponge and wet the paper so that it is damp and start rubbing it off, the paper will come away fully and the mod podge would have clung to the ink so that you are left with your image ‘printed’ on to the wood!

A Medieval Pattern File will have you jousting for joy!

With our bundles, you don’t need to be a design wizard to reinvigorate your brand. Whichever medieval pattern file you select, its versatile format makes it a cinch to use with different design software, and the dual license will let your new emblem shine just for you or across your whole business.

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