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Aaaah liquid calcium. It’s the first meal of our lives and a crucial component of breakfast and baked goods thereafter, so the mighty cow juice is to be respected. Get a pail of milk illustrations and drink your fill!

As plant-based eating is on the rise, gone are the days when milk was a simple beverage to order. Now, there are endless varieties - whole, half & half, skimmed, goat, coconut, soy, almond, oat, rice! Did you know that there is hemp milk? Although, it doesn’t do anything interesting. It’s just good for you. Whatever milk strikes your fancy, you’ll be able to find the perfect graphic to pay tribute to your coffee companion.

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Dip your cookies in our free milk illustrations

Download some free milk illustrations today and get crafting on some creamy designs.

You could make gallons of really fun and creative arts and crafts with the help of our milky graphics. If you’re an avid baker or have a food blog, you could decorate your latest recipe with some illustrations or even a whole bundle, which includes all the baking staples. You could also do some social media posts raising awareness for all the delicious alternatives to dairy products.

Another great crafting idea would be to make something for a baby shower or as a gift for the new arrival. You could customize a onesie, bibs and pyjamas with some milk bottles, or make some fun decorations for a shower, Christening or first birthday party.

Milk and coffee go together like strawberries and cream, so you could come up with some designs for your favorite brew - you could make cute decals to decorate your portable coffee cup or make a set of matching mugs for your home or office.

Got a milk illustrations file?

Our collection doesn’t just focus on milk, but all things milk-esque! You can download a milk illustrations file to match all sorts of themes, including farming, ice cream, desserts and health foods. Plus, be sure to check out our bundles that have all sorts of milk related items, and come with very generous discounts!

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