Optical Illusion Patterns

If you’re after some truly unique imagery to make your arts and crafts stand out from the crowd, then our optical illusion patterns are the ideal tools to help you get going on making some fun and surreal designs that will bring your creative projects to life!

Optical illusions have never failed to fascinate people, both young and old. From the old lady/young lady portrait to autostereograms, we can’t help but be amazed when we’re witnessing how our minds and imaginations play tricks on us in real time. You can capture some of that magic with our fantastic backgrounds and make some unique crafts, like wall art, home decor or stand-out greeting cards to impress your friends and family.

Your mind will boggle at our free optical illusion patterns

Whether you’re into scrapbooking, graphic design, write a blog or simply enjoy a bit of arts and crafts in your down time, in just a few clicks you can add some amazing free optical illusion patterns to your portfolio and get going on some crafts that’ll be the talk of the town.

One of the most amazing things about our optical illusion patterns is that the geometry and color schemes of the design actually make the images look like they’re moving - rotating, shrinking or coming right out at you. You could go old school and simply print these illusions out to show your kids and teach them a little about optics, or you could make people go dizzy as you walk down the street by transferring one of the more groovy designs onto a t-shirt or hoodie.

If you want to advertise an event, draw attention to a recent blog or make people stop scrolling and really take time with your social media posts, then using one of these patterns as a background or pop-up image is the ideal way to do that.

Seeing is believing with your very own optical illusion patterns file

With most of these patterns, sticking to black and white successfully achieves the effect of the design, but if you wanted your optical illusion patterns file to really come off the page, then it couldn’t be simpler to edit. Simply pick a file format that works best with your editing software and tweak the size and color scheme to match your idea. Be careful when playing around with the dimensions though, in case it messes up the intended illusion!

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