Security Camera SVGs

Alas, we still live in a world where thieves take advantage when we let down our guard. It’s important to stay vigilant and you can do just that with a security camera SVG.

It is estimated that in the US, a burglary is committed roughly every 15 seconds. You read that right, SECONDS. With millions of these incidents happening every year, with a spike in summer months, it really is advised to take extra precautions. Set up a neighborhood watch, install extra locks for doors and windows and above all, get some sort of CCTV. All the best measures in the world are often not enough though, especially when you leave your house unattended.

But there are crafty ways to get the better of these light fingered opportunists, so check out some ideas below.

Smile, you’re on a free security camera SVG!

A free security camera SVG will help protect your home, family and possessions, you just need to be clever about how you put it to use.

Have you ever walked past a house and saw a “Beware of Dog” sign on it, and even if you couldn’t see the dog, you were a little wary, maybe a little nervous, maybe walked by a little faster? The mere implication that something is there makes you uneasy and makes you think twice. Whatever their motivation, the average criminal won’t take an unnecessary risk. When it comes to picking a target with a security system or without, we know what they’d pick. So why not use an SVG to put up a conspicuous sign that you have CCTV in place, even if you don’t. A potential burglar will see the sign and most likely not take the chance!

You could also make some vinyl decals for your neighborhood, just to show anyone with funny ideas that your community looks out for one another.

Protect your home with a security camera SVG file

Setting up a security camera SVG file couldn’t be quicker or easier. In just a couple of clicks you can download your favorite graphic, tweak the dimensions and proportions, or color scheme, in your choice of design software and either use traditional crafting techniques or let your crafting machine take over. The Cricut is a particularly popular model, but you can make awesome crafts with just a standard printer and precision knife - just handle with care!

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