Spider Patterns

Special occasions and holidays are the ideal excuses to whip out your art supplies and show off your crafting skills! To make sure your creations are of the best quality, Design Bundles has compiled some top-notch graphics, including these awesome spider patterns, which are ideal for home decor, scrapbooking, designing your own greeting cards and gift wrap, and much much more.

Even for the most minimalist amongst us, a spider web is a staple of Halloween decorations. With just a few webs in strategic corners, you can add that lovely spooky appeal to your home or venue and be party-ready without having to spend too much time and money on fancy decorations!

Hand drawn Spider with patterns

Spin a creative web with some free spider patterns

Halloween is a fun time of year no matter where in the world you are, but hats off to those crafters out there that really take it seriously and commit to the occasion. With our fantastic free spider patterns, your next fright night party will be the talk of the town!

Although our downloads lend themselves really well to traditional crafting techniques, and you could use a precision knife and mat to cut out your patterns, given the intricate nature of a cobweb, you’d be better off letting your Cricut machine do all the hard work. To save time for next year and to make decorations that will really last, you could actually laser cut your pattern onto hard cardboard or even wood, spray paint them and store them at the end of your festivities.

To give the spider images a bit more texture and volume, you could use your chosen spider pattern as a guide or stencil, and sew on some fluffy fabric or throw on a layer of glitter to make the spiders come to life!

Take your spider patterns file to the web

For those creatives out there that are more about the digital age, you can also use your spider patterns file to ghoul up your social media posts. You can overlay a spider pattern subtly into the corners of your photos or give your posts or promotional content a fun background or border, in honor of the scary season.

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