$1 Event Products

This is regarding the $1 event yesterday. I bought several $1 products and everything downloaded perfectly but this one. I emailed you yesterday. I thought I finally got a good download of the Wispy Willow Flower on my third try. Backtracking…I sent two emails yesterday. The first saying the download wasn’t working and a second email, a few minutes later saying I thought it did finally work. But today, when I opened the download, to use the design, there is nothing in it but the two PDF’s from DesignBundles, that I get with every design I purchase. I still do not have the actual design. What’s wrong? This design is not downloading. Can you please fix this for me?
JoAnn Doolos

Hello JoAnn!
By chance are you downloading the files onto a Mac? If so you will want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the folder, that is where you will find the SVG files! :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you still are unable to find them and I will be happy to assist you further!