7 day Free Trial of our Plus membership

If you haven’t ever tried our Plus membership - you can do so NOW with a 7 day free trial!

During your trial, you will receive 3 free credits to use towards product downloads, save 10-15% on any full priced products (depending on plan selected), and you will have access to the $1 Deals After party!

There is no contract, you can cancel at any time! If the membership is not cancelled, the full membership will become active once the free trial has expired, and you will be billed each month going forward.

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So worth it! I did the trial and got hooked


Thank you. I am now enjoying the $3 w/o trial for the first month.

I’ve just joined Plus membership, how do I know how many plus credits I have?

By your name there will be a “P” with a number next to it. That’s how many Plus Credits you have :slight_smile: This guide shows you the difference between b515ac142a046babfb46262d5e717b60.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for the info :smiley:

I loved this trial. I’m coming to an end of it and am already signed up to prime to continue. Lovely site & fab goodies to find.

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I just started my free trial, I know I’m going to be hooked. I love this site. Offers so much, something for everyone all in one place.

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Hi e7392c0f2825b661bca7ba9aba383599 welcome to the forum! :heart:

Can this offer be posted to an existing account?

If you already have a Plus Membership, no. If you don’t have a Plus Membership then yes you could sign up for the trial :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!

I already love the site, think I’ll have to try out this free trial…

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Thank you for the trail i found really good kits. Excelent site.

completely agree!

I didnt realize it was only 3 credits during the trial, should have used the $3 first month offer instead :confused:

Thanks …it helps me a lot…

Thanks for the info! <3

Hello Tatyana!

Welcome to the forum, we’re so happy to have you here! Be sure to check out our d51a3bdb3c8d0c5292676059a24e7c28. We have our monthly competition - 4181478ab5d6f8d2ca8e89572a5794cd where you can choose what you would want to win!

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to help!