A Suggestion (for at Least Black Friday Event...)

I’ll throw this out here now which will allow a lot of time for discussion (and hopefully implementation) between now and then…

Could there be some kind of “checklist” feature to users to print off of things purchased.

This way, as things get downloaded, they could be checked off.

Of course, having this done online would even be more fantastic!
But, before this feature would be implemented, it would be nice to have just the “Item Purchased” flagging / notification working properly.

Although, I know I am rare and kinda a special circumstance, but last Black Friday, I purchased 700+ items (I’m still downloading and organizing them) and yes, the system notifies me (for the most part) what I bought when I look at an individual offering, there is nothing to indicate if I have already downloaded something.)

What I did was printing out my list of files on my ‘receipt’ for a hardcopy to check off.
Problem is, it was over a full ream of paper (would have been a lot smaller, if it didn’t include thumbnails.)

Just a suggestion for an improvement I’d like to throw out there!



Great suggestion! We do actually have something like this in the plan, we are currently very busy working on other features but hopefully in a month or two we can get started on this so then everything is ready for the Black Friday event!!

If you have any more suggestions please let us know, we build Design Bundles for you so anything which can improve it we always want to hear!