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I am currentlu trying to learn how to do lettering with brush markers. I dont see many posts here. Are there any others who do this?

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Hi Dusty! The forum is relatively new, so not too many posts yet. I do hope to see more for brush lettering.

I have a tiny bit of experience with actual brushes, most of my experience is with digital brushes on my iPad, but I’m happy to see what I can do to help.

Do you currently have any brush markers you use?

Kelly Creates has a resource at a0bf161dad59875310a5cc7f31fa9710 She also sells her own brush markers, practice materials, etc. Her brush markers are firmer than most other brands of brush marker.

Before Michaels changed its classroom program, I taught a couple of brush lettering classes in the free evening class program. The projects are still up on Michaels’ web site, but the lettering practice templates have been removed. I did an online search for “brush lettering worksheet” and came up with a number of tutorials and practice sheets. (Tombow, my preferred brand of brush markers, has downloadable practice sheets here ce1dd3f4d68a2c7e4b712b3a93be136f. They are similar to the practice/try-out sheets Michaels used to have above the Tombow markers in its stores.)

FWIW, being left-handed I have some difficulty holding my brush markers in the correct orientation to form some of the letters properly.