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I’ve found that since I’ve switched to using mockups as my primary listing images I get a lot more interest from customers. I also really like creating mockup files. There’s something weirdly rewarding about making something look real that doesn’t actually exist.

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I just figured out how to use the mock ups and I absolutely love them, they are going to really help me in my journey with my business

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I just discovered the mockups and am so excited to figure out how to use them! I have always created actual products and sent them off to models to be photographed before. This is going to save so much time and money for my future listings!

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I agree - mockups are the best! They make the products look so much more professional and take a fraction of the time that styling a “real” product would take.


100%! They elevate our designs and products.

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I’ve purchased a few of the Mock-Up bundles but haven’t jumped in to the design yet, but have been looking for a mock-up for some of the tabletop games I make. Most are for signs or posters and t-shirts of course. Does anyone know of a designer that does something similar? Maybe a family having fun around a table or something similar.

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Can you use mockups without photoshop? or are there free PSD file editors?

Hi I want to use design scape to make tshirt mock ups for my shop, they need to be all colors.I am struggling with using Designscape…I use coreldraw and scal5pro.but would like to be able to change colors easily.any help appreciated .