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Hi, can someone help explain how commissions and payout work? I’m new to selling on here!
If I post a product for $4. I know I’ll get 75% for non-affiliate sales and 50% for affiliate sales. Then Paypal takes 2% for processing.

On my sales table, it shows a listing of mine (priced at $4) but has the price as $3.40 and my earnings as $2.
Then, another listing, also priced at $4, has a price as $3.60 and my earnings are $2. (I’ve attached a picture to help explain).
DB sales

How come the ‘price’ on the sales table shows 2 different prices ($3.60 and $3.40) when they both started at $4 and they both end up being $2 earnings. I guess I’m confused at when affiliate and non-affiliate percentages are applied and is the Paypal processing fee applied to my earnings of $2, or will that be additional when my payout happens?

Thanks! I hope that makes sense, and didn’t seem too picky, just want to make sure I’m understanding so I can adjust prices accordingly