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Hello I am branching out to use a POD service to help with not having to have so much inventory. I am wondering the following. if I purchased a graphic and uploaded into my design software. in what ways do I have to change the design to put it on a mug, t-shirt or canvas - thinking about the many quote graphics that are available- . For example. if I purchase a rabbit graphic and I want to use that graphic on a mug- I assume if I use POD service I need to then change the purchased graphic like coloring, or adding to it or adding words before I can list it on my store, correct? Or can I just use the purchased graphic on the mug? If I purchase a corporate lic ? Maybe that is only for when you are actually printing the mug your self at home vs POD service? Sorry if this is confusing , I just want to make sure I am complying with the different lic.
thank you- k.w.