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This is a brilliant forum. I’m recreating this logo in order to make it easier for me to cut on my machine. But I have no idea what font the “BRICK STONE BLOCK” is.

Please help. TIA.

hmmm. this isn’t going to be as easy to navigate as the Facebook site. clicking links and drilling down forum posts, instead of scrolling past images and ‘What font?’ questions or scrolling through the photos section of the group…

Brick - Stone - Block is Vivaldi EF™ by Elsner+Flake
A Commercial [Paid] Font

See the matcher at work here


Thank you!! :two_hearts:

@Rachana - you may check the pre-installed fonts on your computer. Vivaldi may be included, I see it is on my MacBook :smiley:


i just checked mine too, i have a TTF version from Office installed

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I see it! Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated.

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A basic version of Vivaldi was free on some (reputable, commercial use) sites, but I think it’s been taken down from one of them. It’s definitely still out there on others.