Accessing Alternate Characters/Glyphs in Inkscape

Accessing Extra Glyphs and Swashes is easy in Inkscape and can make your designs look incredible!

We’ll be using Lovely Melissa for today’s inkscape tutorial, a gorgeous font which comes with 900 glyphs.

Lovely Melissa Comparison between Glyphs disabled and enabled:

lovely melissa font glyphs comparison

Accessing Font Glyphs in Inkscape on PC

Accessing Font Glyphs in Inkscape on Mac

To access the Lovely Melissa additional Glyphs in Inkscape on Mac, follow the following steps:

  1. Install the .OTF version of the font as normal.
  2. Launch Inkscape.
  3. Using the type tool on the left toolbar, create a text block and enter some text (here we have put ‘hello’).
  4. Double click your text block to highlight the text you created.
  5. In the text panel top left, select ‘Lovely Melissa’ as your font.
  6. Highlight the character you wish to replace with a fancy glyph.
  7. Open Mac’s built in ‘Font Book’. On PC, use the Character map tutorial to find your required glyphs.
    Copy the Glyph you wish to you using Cmd + C or Edit > Copy.
  8. Paste it into inkscape using Ctrl + V or Edit > Paste.
  9. The Glyph will now be replaced with your advanced, swirly amazing design!