Accessing Font Glyphs with Font Book on Mac

For this tutorial the we are using the font Andalusia. bf561845b6b012b99ce8d9119dc75e4e is an amazing font that makes full use of PUA encoded characters to enhance your abilities as a designer.

The Difference between Andalusia with Glyphs and without is big:-

Andalusia Font, Glyphs disabled and enabled:

andalusia font glyphs comparison
To access Andalusia’s incredible Glyphs using FontBook on Mac, go through the following steps:

  1. Install the .OTF version of the font as normal. We have a great some guides here:
  • d50413abe82698438f6268c36e465c33
  • 9446c90d7e284740977f411daea3ba16
  1. Launch Font Book on your Mac using Spotlight search.
  2. Select Andalusia Font.
  3. Find the Glyph you want to use by scrolling down in the list.
  4. Copy the Glyph by going to Edit > Copy or pressing Cmd + C.
    copying glyph from font book
  5. Paste the Glyph into the software of your choice using Edit > Paste or Cmd + V.

You can now copy and paste the characters using Font Book on Mac! Have fun!

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Can you use Font Book on Windows?

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Windows has Character Map which is equivalent to Font Book 4252488c82f69c7fad62a551ac4be8b6 :slightly_smiling_face:


OK Thank you