Adding and using fonts in Design Space

First you will want to install your font onto your device. Below are links to installing fonts onto the device you are downloading to -




After installing the font you will want to restart and open up you Design Space canvas and follow these steps-

  1. On the left hand panel there will be a text icon click on this

  2. Go to the top and you will see a drop down menu this is where you will find your font that you downloaded

3.In the box that appears you can type out your font

4 On the top panel there is also a spot to adjust the spacing of the font

Design Space <a target='_blank' class='custom' href='' >Font</a>


THANK YOU! Was doing my head in a bit and thought there was a simple solution!

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Welcome 891a521262fd5ee19b6ccb97a281299e! Happy to help anytime, if you have any questions let me know. :smiley: