Adhesive backed paper

Does anyone know about adhesive backed paper? I am interested in making large name signs for backdrops and I would like to find some adhesive backed paper to make it easier to hang if possible.

You mean the stuff you lick or the sticky backed by the way?

It isn’t something I was interested much in until Cricut launched their adhesive paper range for their mini Joy machine, as it always seemed a bit kiddy. But I really like theirs, I have used it to do my pop up shop labels etc and Cricut had it decorating all sorts of stuff at the Joy launch I was at.
Its definitely an option rathe than using sticky backed vinyl for backdrops etc but I’ve not seen big sheets, the Joy sheets at only 4 inches wide.

Cat x

Hello! I actually suggest using double sided adhesive like “Diecut and Bond” or thick Scor-tape. Or if you have a Xyron, I suggest using that. It would be more cost effective to do it that way. You put the adhesive all throughout the paper before you cut, cut your paper, then peel off the other side of the adhesive and you’ll have adhesive backed paper. If you are buying paper that already has adhesive on it, you may be paying a pretty penny for that.

This may or may not be useful to you, but Dollar Tree has adhesive glitter “paper” that is three sheets for a dollar. I use quotation marks because it’s actually a thin plastic with the glitter embossed into it, so it doesn’t shed glitter like other glittered papers. It comes in quite a few colors, and I absolutely love it!

These are the colors I’ve found at my local stores, at various times.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I felt self-conscious taking pics at Dollar Tree!

I used the silver glitter paper for the name on this ornament.

I hope this helps you out!


That’s awesome 3b3a4a1bd2c0d4e86b3a3fa5390dfcc9 thanks for sharing! I need to check that out!

I’m glad to share! :smiley:


This is a great idea. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks you!!

Wonderful!! I’m so glad I could help!

Wow!! I’m so glad I saw this, I didn’t know you could buy self sticking paper. I’ve always used double sided sticky tape :joy:

Does it stick to your cutting mat like normal paper would? Or does it have a shiny texture on the reverse?

oh wow I like dollar tree adhesive paper I think its great that was mentioned