Adhesive/Glue Suggestions when Assembling Cards

Hello! I love making cards but I have a time gluing them together in a professional way. The glue sticks are messy and the double-sided tape usually isn’t thin enough. What do you use, especially for the small pieces or very thin pieces? Thank you!


@Kelly_C1 … I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you. But I wanted to let you know, I struggle with this too!

I have used Glue Dots tape runner and I have just purchased Elmer’s CraftBond tape runner and Scotch Create’ repositionable tape runner as well. I was trying to upload a photo but kept getting an error.

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The struggle is real!

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Thanks for the ideas, I will look them up.

Don’t take my word for it as I have never done card making but have you ever tried Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray? You have to spray lightly but I use it for embroidery when I am doing in the hoop projects to stick my felt to the stabilizer in the hoop.

Thank you!

I have a ton of different options I use depending on the item. There are different glues and tapes and line tapes I use.

First if you haven’t gotten - get tombow mono-adhesive double side tape. - This is m go-to tape for just about everthing big… (card backs, assembling large pieces)

This is one of the three glues Mono-Multi liquid (tombow again) I use for my flowers especially multi-layers

This is the second glue Mono Aqua Liquid - I use this for building embellishments (I stopped buying pre-made embellishments and make my own now)

And I use Clear Elmer’s glue with pigment ink to make my own colored glues

For fine lacy die cut outs I use either Zig -2 Way Chisel pen or Zig - 2 Way squeeze and Roll pen

For my double sided by size tape – I have this in 2mm to 15mm rolls

And for making dimension (raised) - I use 3M foam mounting tape 1/2 inch rolls

I have more down in the studio but this should get you started.

Dots are nice, except they are a PIA to sometimes get to stick to textured papers.


Great list - thank you so much!

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yeah, nice list.

ATG, gluestick, spray glue.
ATG comes in various widths not as thin as that stuff above…
3M has several types of spray glue depending on the substrate.

Problem I found with spray glue is that 1 you should be doing it outside, 2 it gets EVERYWHERE.

I like ATG, but it is a bit expensive.

Call me old school, but I like the clear craft glue. I bought some fine tipped applicator bottles online and they work great for applying small amounts of glue!

A little glue goes a long way. too. Many people use too much in an attempt to make sure things stick. I finally learned to back off on the amount of glue I was using and it made a difference.

Glue sticks are okay for larger projects. I’ve never mastered using the spray adhesives. Glue dots are great for giving a bit of dimension to a project. Double sided tape is good for photographs. And the foam dots and tape are also useful for giving dimension.

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks so much!

rubber cement, don’t forget the rubber cement thinner. I liked Bestine/Best Test, but Elmers will do. easy enough clean up with a rubber cement pickup or make your own. that goes back to my VC days there. everything was done with paper in layers then transferred to amberlith/rubylith.

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Thanks so much!

I like this Tombow adhesive!

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Thanks so much!

Hi Kelly,

I too went online and purchased a bunch of fine tip applicator bottles to use with glue because more often than not you’re using it on something small.

Liquid glues I use include: Elmer’s Glue-All (Extra Strong Formula), Original Gorilla Glue, Ranger Multi Medium Matte, Aleene’s Tacky Glue, and Mod Podge. The last two I just added recently because I found them at the $Tree. Mod Podge 2oz for $1 and Aleene’s Tacky Glue was 3oz for $1. For that price I thought I’d give them a try.

{pause to take all the glue bottles back to my craft desk}

One of the things I like about the small, fine tip bottles is that they don’t take up as much room as the bottles the glues come in, so I store those bottles in one of my drawers and keep the applicators on my desk.

I don’t know if I’ve gone on my Japanese rant on here yet, but here it comes…

I tried at least three different, well known brands of tape runners from here in the good old USA and they were all CRAP! I had problems with the tape getting stuck and not feeding and it didn’t seem to matter which brand it was. So I did what I always do when I want to find something that works and is reasonably priced, I searched the Internet for “the best tape/dot runner”. After reading through several posts and watching some really old videos there was a name that popped up over and over again. Kokuyo!

They make a standard size and a larger size. The standard size has 8.4mm x 16m of tape. The larger size, called the dot liner LONG, has 10mm x 36m of tape. These are blue and contain permanent tape. I was able to get a yellow one that has repositionable tape, but they are hard to find on Amazon.

These dot liners are made of a thicker plastic and have a much sturdier feel in your hand. They use a cartridge for a refill. You open the unit and replace the cartridge which includes all of the cogs and gears. They have a little cover for the “exposed” tape that is attached to the dot liner so you can’t lose it. I put little strong magnets on the back so they sit on my Metal Bulletin Board just above the desk.

Picture #1 - Sizes. Picture #2 - tape cover open. Picture #3 - Open for cartridge replacement. Picture #4 - Stored on Metal board.

The great thing about the glue they use is that if you decide not to use it you can rub it off with your finger and it leaves no residue on your paper. If you decide, within a few minutes, that you want to move an item that you’ve glued down you can carefully peel it up and move it. And I’ve had none of the problems that I encountered with the well known domestic brands. GRANTED you will have to wait for two-three weeks for these to arrive from Japan, but they were worth the wait. I jumped into the deep end and ordered refills for them at the same time. The small one has a packet of three refills and the big one has a box of five refills. I now have quite a supply of glue!

I use skor it tape that I found first in Bermuda but have sense found it on Amazon. It’s very thin, strong two-sided tape that you can cut or ripe off the roll. LOve it.