Affinity Designer tutorials for beginners

I recently purchased Affinity Designer so I could start designing my own SVG cut files. Well, I’m struggling with the software so I’ve been searching for videos to help me with the basics.
Here’s one I like:
Does anyone else have any favorite tutorials for beginners?

Hi @Lisa_S10, we have some tutorials here on the forum but not as many as some of our other categories. I don’t personally use Affinity Designer, but I can see if anyone on the team uses it and could make some more tutorials for us :slight_smile:

What types of tutorials do you want? Anything in particular or just showing how to make designs like that pumpkin?

Hi @Lisa_S10

One of the designers on DB (Shooting Star SVG) has a great one of You Tube. You can find it at

Hi Janelle, I’ve watched that video before and it’s a good one! I’ve subscribed to Shooting Star SVG on You Tube. Thanks for the reminder. I might try to reach out to the designer because there was something in the video that tripped me up a little. Thanks again! Lisa

Hi Jordyn,

I like any video that slowly breaks down the steps from start to finish and that’s what I liked so much about the pumpkin video. I’m not necessarily going to create my own pumpkin SVG, but it’s a good example that demonstrates a lot of features in the software.

Affinity Designer has so many bells and whistles that I get overwhelmed because I don’t need all the features. I’ve started some cute designs but haven’t finished because I always hit some wall in navigating the software. Often, when I export them and try to use them is Design Space there’s always some little problem.

I don’t understand when (and why) I should or should not group, ungroup, convert to curves, create compounds, etc.

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Gotcha! I will see what we can get made :slight_smile:

Grouping and compound paths were very hard for me to understand at first too with Design Space.

I’ve not used Affinity, but I do use Illustrator and I will explain my process for group vs compound paths.

When you group a few items, Design Space will still read those as separate layers. It won’t make them all welded together. So, it can be useful to quickly be able to turn off all those layers at once by turning off the group layer, but that’s pretty much it.

If you make a few items into a compound path, then those cannot be (easily) broken apart in Design Space. They import as one layer, and are one solid piece. Similar to what the weld function would do in Design Space.

I try to not use a ton of groups in my designs because that also creates issues in Design Space from time to time. Also, not using ANY groups or compounds paths can cause Design Space to crash, since it’s reading too many layers. So, it’s definitely useful to make compound paths where it makes sense.

I hope that helps clear things up, and not make things more complicated!! :slight_smile: