All my cuts are pop out cuts? Help!

Hello… I’m about to lose my mind. I won a Cameo 4 Plus several months ago, and due to covid I haven’t been able to play with it until the last couple of days. I’ve designed some lovely card sentiments and am ready to cut them. Unfortunately every time I try and cut, it winds up being a pop-out cut. I don’t know why this is happening… I’ve tried everything I know to try and nothing works.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have a suggestion for what to look at to fix this? Large items pop out well, but script definitely doesn’t. =/

Hello Laynie,
Are you using a cutting mat when trying to cut? You also need to have cutting mat selected in the design page, page setup panel, because the software will automatically choose “Cut” or “Pop-out Cut” for the action based on your cutting mat selection.


You may have solved my problem! THANK YOU!!


Well done!