Alternative to Procreate

I want to illustrate and do hand lettering, and not looking to really spend anything right now, so looking for free stuff lol. Just not a fan of apple products.

You could try using Affinity. But it all depends on what you’re trying to do. Affinity has the ability to save things as SVG files where as Procreate does not.


Very neat! @SugarBearStudio do you have the ability to use brushes in Affinity?

Yes! Affinity comes with a variety of brushes already installed, which is AMAZING. You can then edit the brush to be exactly how you want it. You can even import brushes as well, however it has to be a different file type than the Procreate brushes unfortunately. So the Procreate brushes wouldn’t transfer over.

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I’ve never heard of Affinity! Is this an app you can use on an iPad?

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That’s great! Thank you for sharing. I’m about to try it out now :smile::smile:

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Yes, You can use Affinity on iPad. :slight_smile:

Affinity Designer is in iPad but also windows and Mac
I have an older iPad so find the Mac version easier to use. It’s awesome. There is a free trial right now and also a great sale.

If you’re looking for a program for the computer, download Sketchpad. It’s now completely free and is on par with Illustrator in it’s power and ability. My niece is a Graphic Design major in college and she’s completely switched over to Sketchpad from Illy because it’s more powerful and easier to use. You can save as many different formats, even AI files if you have Illustrator. Have fun!

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Is Affinity a free app?

No it is not but the apps are on sale now.

Not a problem! Let me know what you think about it!

I downloaded it last night, and I’m impressed so far. This has sooooooo many more features/tools than I was expecting. I think it will take some getting use to.

Do you have any recommendations on where I can purchase/download brushes for it?

I personally haven’t purchased many additional brushes, however I did find one on Design Bundles yesterday! It’s a crayon brush that looks pretty neat.

Here is the link:


Excellent! Thank you for sharing.

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