Another Corel Draw user 🙃

Want to say I’m Corel Draw user since 2013. If you have any question, I will try to help.


Hi 0f5bc14fc50e15af4667c8bac94813bb! Welcome to the community! :smile:

Hi, my name is Shannon and would also like to offer help if anyone needs it. Been using CorelDraw from version 2 (1996). Any questions. feel free to ask.

Another Corel Draw user here also :slight_smile:

Haven’t used Corel Draw in years… Hopefully it’s just like riding a bike!

It really is! Most things stay in the same place and the general gist of using it seems to have stayed very similar

Thank you Lewis I will have a play without to much expectation and once I’m feeling a little familiar with it all again I will start to be more purposeful in my creative play

Narelle you really should. I think CorelDraw is so underated. If you need any help please reach out :slight_smile:

Hello Lewis!
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A big “HI” from another Corel user :+1:t3: