Anyone know the font for the word CAMP?

** Not my design/picture.

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No, but you could try this font for the letters and use an image of a teepee for the A:

I looked a bit more and found this:

looks like a cross between a BOHO and map edge font. I looked in the mother-ship for map fonts and the on the interwebs… no luck. even did a few reverse image searches. Sorry.

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Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that this may not be created with a font, or a single font.
There are tons of alphabets in various styles out there and some or all of the lettering and symbols could be from those kinds of sources.
Sites like have a great number of digital alphabets/lettering, and the Teepee may or may not be part of a font or alphabet. It may just be a bit of clipart.

Thank you Brian, I know the Tepee is probably clipart. I was mainly looking for the letters C, M, and P. :slight_smile: