April 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)

Another month is here which means it’s time for another Forum Competition! :ocean:

Here’s how to enter:


  • Your favorite eco friendly tips

  • Products you’ve made (ex: reusable glass bottles for cleaning sprays, Earth Day shirts, etc)

  • Movies, documentaries, or books that you’ve enjoyed (related to Earth, environment, recycling, etc)

  • Your favorite Charities to donate to

  • Or maybe even something you find challenging


  • You can post more than once :slight_smile:

  • You must post in the replies on this thread between April 1-30 to be entered

  • I will randomly pick 5 winners to be given 5 Plus Credits :star_struck: (these can be used without a Plus Membership)

  • Winners will be announced on this thread on May 1st


My favorite charity is CIS - Communities in Schools. As a retired educator, I know how much support CIS gives local schools. Once, when I was on a leave of absence while earning my MSA, we had a service project - mine was to work with the local CIS group to provide tutoring to at-risk students in a city school, which was when I really got to know more about the agency. Now that I am retired, whenever I need to donate items (clothes, household items, etc.), I take them to our local CIS shop. The bonus for donating items is that it also promotes the “reuse” portion of reduce, reuse, recycle.

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I love that! Finding new ways to reuse or repurpose old items is so beneficial!!

The one education-based organization I was directed to (at least once) is Donors Choose. It’s kind of like a GoFundMe for teachers’ classroom projects. You can choose a project for a local school, a special type of project, a whole bunch of other things… and some projects can be really small.

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I like that organization as well. When I worked with beginning teachers, I always encouraged them to visit the Donors Choose site, and some were awarded what they needed for special projects.

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In our neighborhood, there is a LOT of new construction. Unfortunately, the builders throw away a lot of perfectly good wood. Sometimes, it’s just the right size for a project. Here’s a piece of shelving board that my friend and I repurposed to make a sign. My husband made the frame from scrap wood also. He does the cutting, sanding, etc. for our wood projects, and my friend and I do the Cricut cutting and the painting.

I don’t know if this counts as far as what your looking for but I was looking for a storage solution for my pens. Last week I used some of the small Pringle Chip containers, cleaned them out, decorated them and am using them throughout my craft space for pen/pencil storage.


As I mentioned before, the construction in our area yields a lot of “trash” that can become “treasure” for a crafter. My husband cut out these birds from some pallets that were discarded. I drew the bird shapes, he cut them, and then I dry-brushed cream-colored paint on them. To get my ideas for the shapes of the birds, I went to the beach and took a LOT of photographs of birds in flight and based my sketches on them. (Note: My husband also made the headboard and I painted it - but that was from new wood, so it doesn’t count as recycling, but I saw one like it in a store for several hundred dollars and thought I’d rather we make our own.)

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A lot of my crafts involve repurposing items. Last month, in the Spring Crafts thread, I posted a flower arrangement that I made from some old S and P shakers. I had a cute set of S and P shakers in a little metal basket, but the lids started to get rusty, so I couldn’t use them. I decided to paint them and use them for a flower arrangement.

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This is an item from a piece of 2x12 that renters left hanging around in the yard when they moved. I thought it was a great piece or wood regardless of the cracks and flaws (it’s curved down the middle). I used this wood to make a gift for a dear friend of mine. She loved it! !

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I love when I find some great wood pieces that are still useable! Great result from the wood you found.

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These are great! Thanks for sharing.

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Some of my favorite eco friendly Charities:

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The flaws give it character!

My son and I planted a flower in a can! :heart:


A great way to recycle dryer lint - since it’s spring! Toss the dryer lint out near trees or set it in a cut old cleaned out milk jug which birds can reach! They’ll use it for nests. I always see the birds pick at it once I toss it out under the tree area. It’s a rewarding experience.

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Ohh I love that idea!

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day!


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