Art Journaling

Does anyone do an art journal? What type of art do you do (mixed media, paint, drawing/doodles)? Would like to know how you started. I’m.starting one, but each time I do I keep finding myself thinking that I am not really all that artistic. :astonished:.

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I used to do these at college but I haven’t done one for a long time. Mine were mostly filled with experiments with mark making and using all sorts of different materials. I made a lot of collages. The best pages were always the ones that I had filled every little gap with details. I used to add little quotes and found objects in the spaces to make it more interesting.
A blank white page can be very daunting when you first begin! I recommend sticking down scraps of interesting papers or fabrics to work on. Recycled materials can be fun to work with too :smile:

The best tip I can give is to forget trying to make every page look perfect and just have fun experimenting! If you do really dislike a page, you can always work over the top. And sometimes mistakes can turn into something surprisingly beautiful :heart:

Thank you! It has been pretty daunting. I have decided to start experimenting with different techniques and mediums. It’s a fun process. As I get more supplies, because now I feel I don’t have enough lol, I can get started on the journal.

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Is there ever enough? :rofl: it can be really fun!

I have an art journal that I started out just brayering some random paints on the pages and trying out some of my stamps and stencils. After the pages were dry and when the mood to play some more would hit, I would pick a few pages and add some doodles and more stamps with paint. I can now go to some of the more finished pages and scan them in very high resolution and use them as artwork for some of the print on demand sites I have shops at. You can check out the many tutorials on YouTube for tons of inspiration. Just play and have fun. Tell yourself that no one has to see your journal unless you choose to share. :slightly_smiling_face:

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