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I’m new to design and don’t bundles and really like the entire product it self. I am also a premium plus member and receive the 50 credits per month. I’m currently 3 months in and it seems that less design items are available. Items like the auto design fonts, people bundles, Adobe Photoshop actions and Swatches are limited. How are those items premium purchase status determined and could there be more added?



Is there a way to filter down the PLUS products so that you can see just the designs, or just the fonts? Thanks!

There is!

You can change what you’re looking at by using this filter.


I’ve tried that, but it only did it for that page, not for all of my plus products.

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That may be a browser issue.

Ok. Thank you!

Thank You for your post. As well as filtering the products by type you can also use the search bar here:

If you have any product suggestions, we are more than happy to pass these ideas to our Plus designers. Just respond and let us know :smile:

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I just wanted to bring this back to the available items for using Plus credits. I have to agree with @Rickey_F : Every time I look through there seem to be fewer items available. Is this just me?

Hi @Dianne_D we do actually have designers uploading new products daily. When we first launched the new Plus Hub in March if 2019, there were less than 5000 products to choose from, there are currently almost 9000.

I have my membership products page set to filter and show me the newest products. If you filter by most popular, which I believe is default, you may not notice those new products getting added, as the most popular products tend to stay the same.

There is a total product count on the home page of the Plus hub, if you keep an eye on that you will notice it increase, I’ve never seen it decrease. I hope this helps!! :grinning:


Thanks, it does! I’ve left the default filter on, and that’s probably why there never seems to be anything new. (I didn’t actually track the numbers.) I’ll change the sort.


Great Day Amy😀
I am totally aware of the filter and number of available items count. I’ve filtered by each product type and searched page by page for the available items I’ve mentioned in my original post. Do you know if there are any designers providing those types of products.:thinking:

Hi @Rickey_F my apologies my reply was more towards Dianne_D – the types of products you mentioned are definitely more limited.

I am not 100% certain, but I suspect on these, the exclusive rights were sold to FontBundles all at once - instead of us contracting a designer to make them regularly, as is the case with fonts and SVG graphics.

I will put in a request with the owners to see if we can look into adding more of those products – can you give me an example of these two types of items? ‘auto design fonts, people bundles’

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Is there a way for plus Products to show that you have already purchased them? I believe I’ve double bought a few items because I didn’t realize I had already purchased it.

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That also happened to me

Hi @Terrina_P once you have purchased a Plus product, it will no longer appear in the pool of available products :smiley: If for any reason you are able to purchase a duplicate, you can reach out to customer support, and they can refund the credit back to you :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Rickey_F - I will pass along your recommendation and see what we can get added :smiley: