Basics in mixing fonts

To pair fonts one usually uses one display font and one body font, Do not use all caps in some Display fonts especially script or old English styles.


Thanks for the tip! This is something I’ve started to get into :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Roger_Q! Welcome to the community, thank you for the helpful tip :smiley:

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This is an area I struggle with when I am creating new shirt designs.


I hear you! It can be a struggle, it seems sometimes you spend more time finding a font to pair than the actual process of designing! :grin: I love buying font duos and trios to help with this dilemma.


YES! Font pairing is something I struggle with. I have started looking at font duos as well, but once I download them, I lose track of which ones went together. I really need to work on getting a font list (with specific pairings). Thanks for the info!


Yes! Font selection is the most time consuming process! I also love getting duos and trios to make things easier. My kids joke that I never seem to use the fonts with names that begin with letters in the second half of the alphabet because I never get that far in the list. So sometimes I reverse the sort just so I start at the end and work my way forward! LOL


I recently organized all my fonts using MainType. There is both free and deluxe versions available. It allows you to add tags to your fonts so you can search for a specific type to use in your project. It’s a time investment to get it set up, but a great asset once you get the information in there.


I struggle so much with this! Thanks for the tip!

This tip was right on time, I struggle with pairing different types of fonts together. Thanks

I just downloaded Maintype, can’t wait to play with the fonts.

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I have the same problem, over 1000 fonts take some remembering, some have amazing glyphs but which ones, Time to keep a notebook, High logic main type font organiser has some nifty features even on the free version

I am so picky about fonts…I can lose three or four hours to picking a font and making sure every letter is precisely where I want it. If I decide to change the shape of some of the letters or add flourishes… let’s just say it takes me a while!

I found some font duo’s and font duo bundles that you may find helpful as well :slight_smile:


This is my biggest struggle, great tip.

I lose track of the pairings too. I keep meaning to catalog all of my 1000’s of fonts in something like main type. I just have a hard time deciding on what tags to use.

So, is main type a web based program, or an application that needs to be downloaded?

It has a download. I use the free version for now. There are 2 other options that are paid versions. Those obviously have more features to them.

@Tonya_T Thank you! I will look into it then!

Thanks for the good advice!