Behind or Caught up on Scrapbooking

Are you caught up on all your scrapbooking? or are you behind?
I am so far behind, I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. I always seem to do better scrapbooking for others and it goes quicker. I haven’t scrapbook much in the past 12 yrs since my arm ws injured. The last place we lived I didn’t have any place to scrapbook or craft. Finally, after 3 yrs at our current house I am finally getting things unpacked because hubby finally built our pantry which is one of the main walls to my craft room. I’m hoping by this summer to have my room somewhat unpacked and set up and get back to scrapbooking


I think I am about 14 years behind on scrapbooking! :rofl: When my 14 year old was a baby I was heavily into it then and before that. Somewhere along the way life took over :cry: I really love scrapbooking though I have all of my supplies still :hearts:

So happy to hear you will have room to get back to it! Please share your work as I think I need that inspiration in my life! :star2:


I started scrapbooking with my mom when I was a teen, I have always loved doing it!!! :heart: :two_hearts: I got merried in May of 2012 and decided that for Christmas that year I would do 8x8 albums for my mother in law, my husband’s Grandparents and my Grandparents (My mom wanted a 12x12 and wanted to work on hers with me) so that’s 5 albums I started like 2 months before Christmas… I didn’t get them finished so I let them see what I got done and told them that I would finish them! I had our first child in June, so after Christmas my focus changed to getting things ready for the baby. I didn’t really work on them much for a couple of years. My mom and I started to go the scrapbooking weekends twice a year and I got them finished and started working on hers and mine! They didn’t have the scrapbooking weekends that we had been going to at all last year and only had one in 2018 but my mom and I did our own and I only have like 3 pages left to finish my Wedding Alum!!! But I now have 3 kids and am only ALMOST finished with my Wedding Album! Long story short I’m almost 7 years behind for my oldest 5 years behind for my middle and only 18 months behind for my youngest! I’m hoping that while still on stay home stay safe I’ll get my basement to a point that I have my own work space that I don’t have to worry about pulling everything out to work on stuff for a little while, to pack everything back up so that the kids don’t get in to it. :smile: :smile: :grin: :crazy_face:


I’m so far behind, my oldest turned 29 last month, my middle child turns 24 next week and my baby will turn 23 in Aug. I only have their baby albums done. I do have a bunch of random pages done for a bunch of their albums done but no where near completed. My girls want me to redo their baby albums because it was done before I even owned a sizzix machine and they’ve seen the albums I’ve made for family and friends and want fancy ones like those. I do have my wedding album done.
My mom got me started scrapbooking when i was a kid but not in the sense of scrapbooking today. We had those bad magnetic albums and I would draw and journal right on those adhesive pages. Years ago, I had taken all my pictures out and they are just waiting to be scrapbooked.
Its hard scrapbooking while kids are growing up unless you have a space to leave stuff out.
The past 2 years I’ve been able to go to a weekend scrapbook retreat, which is about a 3 to 4 hr drive away, but before that it had been years since i’ve gone. There just aren’t as many places close by to go crop.


I’m scrapbooking as a relaxation. So I don’t get stressed about it. I will create a card for my mom tonight. Let’s see how it goes!

I officially done with my Wedding Album!!! and moving on to Albums for my kiddos!! I’m doing an Album for each of them that will have all their professional pictures (from new born to eventually Senior pics) and as soon as I’m caught up with those I’ll start their Albums that will be “everyday” pics and special events… Some day I might make it back to do an Album for my honeymoon!! lol

I don’t know many scrapbookers that are caught up :joy:
Forever behind!


Yeeeees I’m always behind hahaha


I don’t paper scrap book anymore, but my kiddo got one and now I might get back into it! I am very far behind in it!

I’m ea5d58b84159398fa05ce97fdeecaa4a as a relaxation. So I don’t get stressed about it. I will create a card for my mom tonight. Let’s see how it goes!