Bella Canvas mockups needed

If anyone specializes in doing mockups that are well-styled (not necessarily with lots of “props”, but just a nice clean look), true to color and not digital overlays, I am in need of more Bella Canvas colors (specifically 3001/3001cvc). With mockups, you see the same colors over and over. Our company uses a good variety of their color options, so we’re always on the lookout for some of the more hard-to-find color mockups, but I hate the digital overlay images (plus I feel that the shirt color is never true, which is hugely important).

Hi @Kelly_W, welcome to the Community! I am on the hunt to find a designer that can help with your request. :grinning:

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Are there particular colors you are looking for? All of my mockups are real photos of real shirts, and I have a lot of 3001 options. Here is the link to the section of my shop:
But I also have many more that I have not listed on this site yet, but have on Etsy. I would be happy to move more over if there are specific colors you need.

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Is there specific colors you use the most? I tend to only use white when making mockups :pleading_face: I guess I should branch out!

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We have about 30 colors of the Bella Canvas 3001 that we use, and that’s the problem we run into…we can only regularly find about 10-15 of those colors in mockups. So anything that’s kind of not the norm would be amazing just so we can showcase all of our options (we have a color chart, but customers love to see the different colors with the design on them). The ones we have had trouble finding recently were heather purple, heather stone (this one is hard to find in an accurate color), heather ice blue, heather deep teal, and heather green. And we would LOVE to find some either men’s or gender neutral mockups…those are SO hard to find in anything other than gray and white (so heather navy, heather stone again, heather storm, etc. for those).

Tera…thanks so much! We actually use several of your mockups and I purchased your color chart in order to create our color options! You do great work!

Your mock ups are fantastic and I have purchased some. The problem I run into with them is there are sooo many props. I would love to see more colors like this one that you have.

The props are great but when listing a product we have to make sure we say loud and clear that all of the extra stuff isn’t included so I prefer at least my first photo to have no props. I love using the prop photos for social media & additional photos.

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Have you checked the sneak peek for the dollar sale this coming week? I think you will be happy. If you need more info , please feel free to message me.


I just saw that preview! That’s very exciting!

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I am needing Bella too, specifically the marble colors

Hi Kelly!

Would love for you to check out my shop. It is FULL of Bella Canvas. And the look that I always strive for is minimal, modern, and chic. Hope you’re able to find something that you can use in your shop!

Do you bave a link for the marble or high poly count shirts?

I love your mockups! We have purchased and use several of them! I’m particularly needing some of the less done colors, though, in the 3001 style. Colors like heather purple, heather lapis, heather sea green, heather orchid, etc. We have such an extensive selection that we stock, and we want to be able to display them to the customers and have some variety in our shop. :smile:

Hi Kelly!

Thank you for being one of our customers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My goal is to eventually stock all colors of Bella Canvas, but they sure do have a lot! So it’s going to take some time. Please be sure to check back as I add to the shop often.

Thank you!

Hi Brittany!

I’m still trying to figure out this forum system and how it works. So I’m not sure if your message was directed at me. But if it is :relaxed: here is a link to the Bella Canvas Triblend 3413 that I have available. It is 50% poly. Thank you so much for taking a peek!

I have a few simple Bella Canvas mockups in my shop - take a look! Mine do have a few props, but are pretty versatile >> Bella Canvas Mockups

Thank you!

Awesome I will check them out thanks!