Best laser printer?

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a good laser printer to use in my home. I have no idea where to start and so many conflicting reviews online.

Are you looking for monochrome or color?

Honestly, either or. Currently I’m just needing monochrome but eventually I know I’ll like color

Our brother printer just died and we’ve had it for about 15 years now!! I’m definitely sticking with them. This is the one I am buying to replace it.

There’s also one that does not have the scan option for $100 less

I have a Brother HL-4570CDW (bought in 2013) it is a retired model. I just used up the last of its starter toner, but I don’t print much more that invoices and correspondences a few pages a month. It isn’t any good for photos or images. It was a much better investment than buying another inkjet. I’ve had Epson, HP and Lexmark inkjets over the years. It is wireless, but I use the network option. It does duplex printing, a must.

The 80-100 monochromes seem to do well. you could toss it when the toner runs out and still be ahead of an inkjet. My brother has been running his Brother monochrome printer for a few years now. (it is network-able, but no duplex or scanning).

Questions of features is a good place to start.

  • wireless
  • networkable (ethernet)
  • scanner
  • duplex printing
  • monochrome/color
  • fax

I do like Emily’s new one above.