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I’m looking To get HTV or Oracle651 vinyl. I’m wanting more and more, but the price adds up. Do you have a great place to order the vinyl?



I usually use Amazon when ordering mine, but I’d also be interested to find out if there is somewhere better to purchase from.

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I have a few favorites! I have always loved purchasing from Thread Art their glitter vinyl is great quality and you can google discount codes usually.

Another fave is Expressions Vinyl they usually ship same day and their customer service is amazing!

Lastly but not least because their patterned vinyl is something to GAH over. I love, love. love Sparkleberry Ink Mandy and her team are amazing and their customer service is also top notch with fast shipping times!


:astonished: Pattern vinyl? Kalie are you trying to get me into trouble? Lol. There are some beautiful patterns in what I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing the list of places with us.


You’re welcome! As if fonts and designs aren’t enough to be addicted to right :woman_shrugging:t3: :laughing:

Fonts, stamps, paper, storage containers, the list goes on. What’s one more thing? Lol

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expressions vinyl!

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I use CSDS Vinyl ( and my local vinyl shop in downtown San Antonio.


I have always used H&H Sign Supply. They have really good prices and their “house” brand of vinyl is every bit as good as Oracal. Of course if you want to pay the extra, they have Oracal as well. My vinyl always comes packaged well and shipped promptly. You can find them here…

Another place I order from is US Cutter. They used to have flat rate shipping which was really good when I had a big order. It’s been a while so I’m not sure if they still do that or not.

I almost always order my vinyl from either Expressions Vinyl or 143Vinyl. Expressions has a monthly vinyl club that you pay a little bit for but you get a sizable discount on their vinyl sheets and rolls. Both of these companies have amazing selection and decent pricing and the customer service is the best. It is worth it to me to pay a bit extra for amazing service and quality product!