Best Vinyl seller compatible with Cricut


Whats the best vinyl seller for cricut in the UK please?
I have only just purchased my bundle and I’m not sure which to use from the 1000 I have found on the net/advise on Facebook!

Thanks :slight_smile:

ac6a4ca0433417cdb0f32228bb61f6af There is alot to choose from. I don’t live in the UK but I think you can still get vinyl from Cricut (if you type in cricut vinyl on Google). I also use The Paper Studio vinyl that I got from Hobby Lobby in the US. There is plenty more out there that I am pretty sure will work, just look at the revews if you can. :wink:

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Not sure if it’s available in the UK but Siser, and or Walakut both work great for me on my Cricut Air2 machine. Good luck

i love siser and starcraft hd!

In the US the only seller I buy from (usually) is CraftHTV…and if any of you aren’t…switch.

I just checked because i didn’t know but they do ship internationally. I think it would be worth looking into. They have the best prices period. You won’t find vinyl cheaper. Do you may pay more for shipping but your bundle will be as low as it can be. Also ship clearance. The $1 HTV (out of stock at the moment but that’s the first time in the two years I’ve been shopping with them is a steal). Also they sell .35 adhesive vinyl…their clearance sales are so cool.

And they even advertise that their international rates are as low as anyones. I worked for an art supply company…one of the top…after typing that I looked online and since we didn’t publicly disclose sales numbers they might actually be number 1 right now. The one that theoretically could be above them would be Michael’s which i doubt.

Anyway we actually often lost money on international sales. At the very least we lost a little profit. We did the best we could to only charge for shipping what was absolutely necessary and considering the positive relationship I’ve built with CraftHTV over the years and how wonderful their staff is (trust me you’ll see if you spend time there)I would be anything they aren’t marking up shipping rates. I bet they charge what it costs…maybe a slight mark up to defer any issues that may arise.

LoL, sorry for the novel but I just want to stress after 11 years working in customer service…this is the single best company around.

I do also like expressionsvinyl but not sure they ship internationally.

Personally, I love using Teckwrap Vinyl, and Arteza. It’s sold on Amazon UK and think they have their own website/fb page too.

I’m having a very hard time with the paper studio vinyl what’s a good setting on the cricut for it? I have a new blade and all but it won’t cut it all the way through! I’m going nuts.

The Cricut brand vinyl is good, I also personally like Siser vinyl a lot.

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