Black Friday $1 Event Search Function

I bought LOTS of files last year during the Black Friday Ultimate $1 Event. I probably would have bought more, but had a couple of issues that caused me to stop:

#1. The search feature didn’t seem to work right. Every single search I did resulted in only 6 pages of results. I can see how that might be the correct number for some of the search queries, but with over 3000 products, only getting 6 pages of results for “svg” just COULDN’T have been right. It’s so far after the fact now, I can’t remember what other searches I tried, but I’m sure you guys can replicate the results with various search terms and see what results you net.

#2. Also, someone else has already mentioned how truly awful the LOAD MORE option is :slight_smile: I second her request for a way to quickly get to specific pages without having to start all over again and again if my browsing gets interrupted.

Thank you for all the great design products, great deals and for requesting ways to improve the customer experience!


Thank you for your feedback, it is always appreciated. I will add this to our suggestion list for the next Black Friday event :slight_smile:

Ya sometimes I think the Search goes to lunch. I will get a set of results - look over the first page - says there are more pages, go to the second page and it’s empty.

I see that with all of the search areas in DB. Not sure how to consistently reproduce this, because for me it’s not a consistent result

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve shared this directly with our development team on Slack :slight_smile: