Black friday type sale

Hey was just thinking one of those big black friday type sales you usually do where all stores can choose to participate would be amazing right now, as most of us are stuck at home in lockdown it would give us something to do (i spend hours looking through all the stores) and a little boost in vistors/sales for the stores. Just an idea :smile:


Black Quarantine Friday :joy: I agree with any boost, bundle or discounts :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this is a great idea! You do know about the monthly $1 events, right? Here is a link to the next one starting on April 29th just in case you aren’t aware of them. April $1 Event

Ooo good idea

That would be a great idea Cassy :smile:

I think we all could do with it a little cheering up :blush:

Yep i usually buy from them, i fell asleep today though and missed it! ha ha

That would be great! Summer Black Sale, Christmas in July Sale for all shops.

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Oh my gosh with everything going on I totally forgot thag Christmas in July is a thing :joy: fingers crossed!