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I’m extremely new here :slight_smile:
I’ve just purchased a few bundles (fonts and SVGs), and was wondering - after I’ve unzipped a font bundle, is there a quick way to install all of the fonts that are in the zip file, or do I have to go one by one?


Hello Mirit!

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You will first want to extract the fonts out of the zip folder into a new folder, labeled for example “fonts”. Then once you have done that, if you are using a PC you can ctrl+A (select all) and right click and click Install for all users. :smiley:

Please feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.


Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome! :smiley:

That is very good information. Do you have any easy tips for extracting just the png of each image? Or just the good old fashioned way one by one.

Thanks for asking that question! I would have never thought about it that way.

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It depends - if all the files are in one folder you can right click and click “sort by” and then click “type” and then it will sort your files by file type. Then you can highlight all of the PNG files to then drag them all out of the zipped folder at one time.

However, if they are in separate folders like the designer has them separated by design name, then you will have to go into each individual folder.

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Ok, thank you. That is very helpful i spend a LOT of time doing this

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Not a problem at all - always happy to help! :smiley:

Hi Mirit
A couple of thoughts come to mind installing fonts. Fonts take up tons of your memory, be careful how many fonts you install, if you find your computer slowing down, that could be a reason if you have too many.

There are programs that “Handle Fonts” I use Extensis Suitcase, but if you are not doing art professionally, you may can look up free programs. What you do is install the program, add all of your fonts to that (FONT) program and you can open and close the fonts you want to use without installing 1000’s into your system. You can do a search for free font handler or free font program. There are some out there that work fine.

Of course if you do not have tons and tons of fonts that is not necessary. Just a thought for you!


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Help! I’ve already over-downloaded fonts and the problem is that, for my business, I use (or will with strong possibility may use) all the fonts I’ve downloaded.
Is there a place, besides my hard drive, that I can store installed fonts? Every way I try it deactivates the font so previous projects go to a default font and I can’t get any previews with that font. If I want to use that font, I have to re-install it.
Any help is greatly appreciated!