Bundles - please ask designers to include size of file, clickable links to each folder in their shop plus the cover image of the folder purchased

Hi there. I am busy sorting through my purchases and am trying to get an idea of the size of the graphics included to the folder so that I can evaluate whether or not I need to use a new external hard drive to save them to.

Some of these files are huge and have 1000’s of overlays or backgrounds in them, however, none of them include the size of the folder.

Ideally I would like to see each portion of the folder broken up into sub sections so that I can see at a glance what I am dealing with. An example being

File purchased - 2500 Christmas and Winter Overlays Bundle
Section 1 - 66 Ready Christmas Photo overlays - specify the size of this section here
Section 2 - 15 Fireworks Photo overlays - specify the size of this section here
Section 3 onwards - as shown above

Added to this, please incorporate each section into a separate folder for downloading purposes (as done in the pet collection volume 1 and 2 files). This is so convenient and works really well.

And finally, please ask designers to include clickable links for each graphic file incorporated to the bundle (so that we can click on it and open just that one file in their shop to see what is in it) and to also include their cover image to the zip file for saving on our computers.

The last step is vital as the titles they give to the files downloaded do not match the name on the cover image and most files have image 1, image 2 etc.

Thanks so much!

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These are great suggestions! I hope more designers see this :slight_smile: Your feedback is super valuable and as a designer myself it’s one I will be making note of! :heart:

Hi Jordyn. Yes, let’s hope that they do. I am finding it is taking so long to sort through everything. It is fine when one is buying a couple at a time but I bought so many during the Black Friday special that it is quite a daunting task to work through them.

Have a super day.

the problem with them adding sizes to folders will be as seen by many users on the Facebook group, the file length will get too long and you will not be able to unzip the files without going through a few more steps. many designers are still on the 8+3 naming convention, yes I too would like to see SOME of the things you mention and I review my products as so.
Another problem is sizes are relative to the OS and how the harddrive is formatted(yes there are norms.) I have no real need for that. that goes to good file management and keeping a good hierarchy in your file folders on your drives.

A good key would be fine along with proper naming. so long as the names don’t end up being 255 characters long.

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Yep!! I think the file size in the description would be good, especially if the zip files are over a GB.

Thanks for those links!! I have a Mac so I personally don’t see this issue often, so it was all new to me when I started designing SVGs that PCs were so different with what characters can be shown or not.

Pleasure Jordyn. Thanks again for your input

I think I miss understood the size comment I apologize.

yes for large bundles that might be something some may need. That would be something the site would have to implement because they also often add things into the ZIP file the designers’ upload, like the DesignBundles-Premium-License.pdf and DesignBundlesFAQ.pdf

The purchases tab does show size on the curated bundles.

Hey Joseph. Yes, I meant in the write up that the designers post not in the zip folder itself. And please, there is absolutely no need to apologize but it is very kind of you to do so.

I got really excited when I saw your screenshot regarding the curated bundles. But, I went through a ton of my bundles (all graphic files) and none of them indicate the size. :woozy_face:

Hopefully designers will include the information to their files in the future.

Have a super evening. Robin