Cameo or Cricket?

Does any one like the Cameo verse the Cricket and why?

I recommend downloading both software for cricut and silhouette and playing around with them to see which you like better.

I personally have a cameo 3 and LOVE it!

I started out with a Cricut back when you had to rely on the cartridge system. Design Space was very problematic for me and Customer Service was just the same. I now have a Silhouette Portrait 3 and absolutely love it (I call it my little diamond in the rough) Silhouette Studio was much better for me to learn, I have not had any software issues and the Customer Service is great.

Hope this helps a little

PS…A bigger machine does NOT always mean a better machine. I have had various models of both Cricut and Silhouette…small ones a lot of times can do the same job as a big one can.

I started with the Cricut when it was cartridge also, I found it frustrating, gave it to my niece and bought a Silhouette 2, I still have it and love it, I have done so many things with it and I love the program for designing. I want a bigger machine, not because I need it, just bigger, but my faithful Cameo 2 is not past it’s sell by date and is as good as when I bought it. LOVE it. I am a hobbyist and my digital images are printed and cut so easily, I use it constantly for this, no more fussy cutting! I have made boxes, bags, do etching on glass. EVERYTHING I can think of. Did I say I LOVE my Cameo?

I have a Cricut and I love it.