Can a designer say personal use only in a note with their designs?

Hi, I always see the premium license mentioned on the page about any item I go to purchase and these particular cutting files were no different. However, upon downloading there’s pdf instructions of how to put the light box together and in there he says “All templates are only used as individual purpose. Do not share under any condition.” Now I know that could just be referring to sharing the file, trying to sell it as is etc but it seems vague to me. I’d feel wary of including any of those designs in light boxes i’d wish to sell even though when I purchased it said premium license.

These particular designs are complete, what would I need to do to safely be able to commercialize them? I change the size that’s for sure. Also put in some coloured transparent paper behind part of the design. I want to start selling some of the items I make and I want to make sure I’m covered. This particular designer has his own website and on there he says “By visiting our store, you agree that you will not copy, distribute, sell, share or otherwise reproduce any of _____ product images or designs without my permission. _____products are for personal use only.” His own site is his own business He can set the rules. I left out the name as I don’t want to get him in trouble. Just trying to make sure a vague note from a designer can’t override a license.

Apologies for the long read,
Cautious customer :slight_smile:

Was a commercial license included? Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t …

Do you have a link to the particular light box in question?

Sometimes they aren’t? There isn’t a license when unzipped just the files and pdf. On the pages though they all say Premium license and at the bottom there’s the red commercial license logo.

So, by the looks of it, you can use this commercially, but cannot use print-on-demand (POD) services. :blush:

To clarify - All products on Design Bundles come with a Premium License (Commercial License) which allows you to use the product and create physical end products with which you can then sell as long as you are using your own materials.

If there is a store that has their own license / terms of use can you please email 63f5f0d7bada4d44165e179cc78a2cd1 with the store and let Customer Support know. Design Bundles does not allow personalized licensing terms as it can conflict with Design Bundles’ license as well as cause confusion! :slight_smile:

Thank you both so much. I feel better now knowing for sure :blush: Love design bundles


Glad it’s going to work out for you. Perhaps you could share what you make. :blush: