Can Cricut Maker 3 do interior cuts like these?

Hi, total newbie here. Thinking of buying a Maker 3 machine. I’m looking for something that can do these kinds of cuts (see photo). Also would like to be able to cut circles (about 1/2" diameter) out of cardstock. Can the Cricut Maker 3 do these sort of things? Thanks for any advice!

Hello Charlie!
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I am not sure if the Cricut Maker 3 can make those types of cuts, I would think that they would be able to!

Thanks Brittany!
I was hoping to find someone who can provide a more definitive answer, since this is not an inexpensive purchase and the machine is apparently difficult to return if it doesn’t do what I need it to do.

I actually went to Michael’s where they theoretically sell Cricuts. There were no Cricut 3 products in the store, and no one in the store who could answer any questions about the Cricut. Sigh.

But I’ll continue researching this, and if I find anything out, I’ll post here.

Thanks again for your quick answer!

Yes the cricut will do those cuts if you have a vector file of the image!

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