Can i sell/license my repeat pattern made with procreate brushes

If I use procreate brushes (corporate license) to make a repeat pattern design. For example; I use the watercolor brushes to make a floral pattern. I understand that I can use the design I made to make and sell a product. But what if a company wants to buy (license) my repeat pattern for their product / collection? is that allowed?

Can I copyright my pattern made with the watercolor brushes and sell/ license the pattern?

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f34bd5ad2ff5d7e6abca60a4c3fec612 since you would be making your own new and unique designs with the watercolor brushes you are good to use them and make a floral pattern out of them.

The company could buy a license for the pattern – they would just need to ensure they are purchasing the appropriate license for their uses.

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Thank you very much for your answer.

I stil have a question, sorry I am a newbie.

Does the company i license my pattern to need to buy a license for the brushes also?
I would just use the brushes to make my own flowers ( motifs)etc for the pattern. Not the stamp brushes. So I can just Sell/license my pattern to a company ? Or do they also have to buy a license for the brushes I used? Because that would mean that to make patterns which I want to copyright and license ( without them having to buy a separate license for the brushes)I could only use the brushes that are already in procreate. Is that correct?