Can you export an svg from Cricut Design Space?

How do you export an SVG file from Cricut Design Space?


Unfortunately you cannot export files from Cricut Design Space.

If you want to save your files outside of DS, I would recommend investing in software that allows you to make SVGs, like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. If you aren’t wanting to pay for software at this time, you can download Inkscape for free.


Funny, I was trying to accomplish this just yesterday. I kind of succeeded too.

What I did is:

  1. have the SVG on the canvas in Design Space
  2. turn off the gridlines in Design Space
  3. use the Snipping Tool App (on Windows computer) and save the image captured as a GIF, JPG, and/or PNG

Maybe this will accomplish what you want.


Yeah I’ve done this before too! It’s more of a process but it works. Lol

Yes! You can use a snipping tool to capture your design to use the photo elsewhere. However, this is different than exporting a design as you cannot control the size or quality as you can when you export directly from a program. (at least not when you use command shift 4 on a mac anyway)