Can you help me getting into soap making?

Hi there, my name is Liv and I have developed an interest in creating soaps. My home is in Aotearoa New Zealand. I have started researching ingredients such as essential oils, fragrance oils and decorating. I’ve also started pricing up tools and various products needed for getting started.
Please message or reply if you have ANY advice, tips or recipes for me please?!

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I have seen some kits here and there, would dtarting with a kit help?

Hi Liv!

Soap making is fun if you have a little bit of patience. Can you tell us what type of soapmaking you’re going to try? Melt-and-pour? Cold process? Hot process? They are all very different and produce different results. Most of the very decorative soaps I’ve seen are melt-and-pour. It’s also the most forgiving. You can mess up a lot. Not so much with the other two. :joy:

It’s been many years since I’ve made soap, but hanging out in forums specifically for soap makers helped me a lot. Not sure if this is the same one that I used to be part of but it looks promising. Soap making forum