Can you use Cricut to make t-shirts?

Can you use Cricut to make t shirts?


Yes, of course! The most popular way would be cutting Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV, to heat press onto your shirt. You could also use Printable Vinyl if you are not wanting to layer multiple colors. Cricut also released an Infusible Ink that you can cut your designs out of that will infuse the design into the shirt so it does not sit on top of your shirt like HTV. This is similar to sublimation.

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You absolutely can!

To create your new FAVE shirt, you will want to have a few supplies at the ready.

  1. Shirt
  2. HTV Vinyl (heat transfer vinyl, the most popular brand is Siser)
  3. SVG Design
  4. Heat Press, Easy press, or an iron

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you have your SVG file. If you shop with Design Bundles, you can grab new freebies every Friday. When you have chosen your design, you will want to upload it into Cricut design space. After going throw typical Design Space steps (adjusting your file to the appropriate size based on your shirt size) and grouping any colors that you want to see in your final project, you will move forward and hit the “make it” button in Design Space.

It is important when you are using HTV is to place the vinyl shiny side down AND mirror your design! This will allow your design to stick to your shirt. Once you cut and weed the design, you can onto pressing the design onto the shirt. Before you press the design, you will want to check the temperature settings for your vinyl and whether it is a hot or cool peel vinyl (Siser can be pulled while hot, while Cricut products tend to be a cool peel).

You do not need to have a heat press in order to make a shirt, just make sure you check your temperature settings and make sure you hold the heat for the required time as mentioned before. Having a heat press or an easy press can help with even distribution of heat and pressure. If those items are not in your budget, you can use a household iron, but you will want to make sure you apply enough pressure and move the iron around to make sure you bond ALL of the vinyl to the shirt.

Once your shirt is done, it’s important to not wash it right away! This could hurt your hard work. You will want to wait 24-48 before washing. When the time comes, you will want to wash the shirt inside out with mild detergents and hang dry to help ensure that your shirt lasts for many moons to come.

Of course, there are other options that you can use like printable vinyl where you can print off a photo from your computer with multiple colors, Cricuts infusible inks, or even cutting out stencils for screen printing, but HTV is a personal favorite of mine.