Cannot locate new purchases

I hope someone can help me.
I use a MAC and purchased 10 bundles on 02/14/21, via my IPhone.
Received order confirmation and was not able to download until today. I went to Design Bundles (on my MAC) and went to my Purchases. They are not there!!! I have logged out and back in, went to my account, etc. I went to the topic "My purchases are not in my purchase history: she states she found them…but how?
I have projects to make that have to go out tomorrow and need these SVG files😢

Hi bd904a5bd2f3c6cde6c1c9f01040f8d6 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have two accounts. I suspect the account on your phone is a different account than your Mac. You can check by going to My Account – 67ac12ee5d7cbc14d64cfb529648db2c and scrolling down to see the email you’re signed in with.

You can also email the support team to merge the accounts if you do find out you have two accounts. 897f289338560eb805d968793c8a6244

Thank you. Will look into that.

Nope…same account.

Hmm that’s odd. And they’re not showing up under your Purchases? 2edc7e156a8160abe853b7ccf03ea894